Day 12 finally feeling better

I’m finally feeling somewhat better even though the fatigue is still there. I feel like I have a million things to do and nothing is getting done. I’m not working right now but it still feels that way. I guess there are other things to do like get things organized and sell the condo. All of that feels like a monumental task right now but at least I am more than occupied.

I really didn’t do much today other than relax and sleep. Oh I did make a few phone calls this morning in regards to some things that needed to be done. More to do tomorrow. AND I got my new real estate business cards today. Was nice that Dwight dropped them off. They look very nice! Although I can’t sell anything right now it’s nice to have them there to motivate myself.

Nothing too exciting today but I DIDNT FEEL TERRIBLE TODAY!!! YAAAAYYYY!

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