Lets focus on the pink lemonade

I’m gonna skip over the bad part of yesterday and jump to the evening where my very close friend took me out for dinner. I had a great time! Definitely need to have more of those. Still had fatigue but oh well what can you do. The part that sucks is I couldn’t sleep! Probably because I took a nap earlier being tired all the damn time. I was then up until 3:30am! Didn’t get to sleep in so my entire day was a mess. Woke up with a headache and felt exhausted. Didn’t take a nap so that I could sleep tonight. Also got a blister in my mouth! Yes that’s another lovely side effect. Rinsing with baking soda helps and I also used the rinse they prescribed and it does already feel better. And on that happy note I’m off to bed to gets lots of sleep tonIght.

i guess the only pink lemonade was the dinner last night Lol. Sweet dreams my friends. XO

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