Great news after 1 cycle of chemo!

So I went for my chemo cycle #2 and right before the oncologist examined me and said that to her it seems that tumour has shrunk by 25-30%!!! I was in disbelief but then felt it myself and it did feel smaller. Thank God!

There was a sense of joy, relief and just a lot of overwhelming emotions.  I’m going to pray that I continue to respond well.

The down side … It’s day 4 after chemo and I feel like crap. So much fatigue and just overall don’t feel great. Also having heart palpitations the last couple of days. Ugh. Well at least no major nausea this time. I just want to feel better. I feel like I can’t go anywhere or do anything. I have no energy and am emotionally all over the place. This really sucks!!! Yes I have moments where it doesn’t feel fair! The why me, especially with having my relationship end 3 weeks prior to the diagnosis. BUT I keep telling myself that after the storm there will be a rainbow. It’s just hard, lately I’ve been crying everyday and sometimes I don’t even know why. It’s all extremely frustrating.

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